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CA Siteminder HTML Form Authentication Scheme

CA Siteminder Authentication Scheme Form and DynamicRetry


HTML Form Authentication.

Clear the Flush for the Realm after changing the Authentication Scheme


DynamicRetry.fcc and DynamicRetry.unauth

The login page (DynamicRetry.fcc) is configured to send users to the unauthorized page (DynamicRetry.unauth) after one failed login attempt. The unauthorized page is a different template file than the login file. As a result, the unauthorized page can contain a message stating why the login failed. By default, the unauthorized page is configured with a message that informs users that they have entered invalid credentials for the resource they are attempting to access

 .unauth file resides on the Web Agent server.

Note: This file is not required if the .fcc file uses the smerrorpage directive.



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