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NetIQ User Application User Creation Workflow

NetIQ User Application creating a simple user creation workflow using Designer

In this Post will show you how to create a simple workflow to create user in eDirectory using the Designer

Version Details

User Application 4.0

Designer Version: 4.0.2 Auto Update 4a
Build id: 20140107

eDirectory 8.8.8


Open your designer and create New Project   File–>New–>New Project


Connect to your Identity Value and import your User Application Driver. Then first thing to start before you create a workflow is to add the user attributes in the Directory Abstraction Layer for the driver.



Add the attributes which will be used in the workflow



Select the Add attribute button



And select the User Entity Classes and select the attributes and move to right and click Ok.



You have successfully added the attributes to the user entities.  Now let’s create the Workflow



Right click on Provisioning Request Definitions –> New

Name the workflow



You can select the required workflow template from the list. In this post i am going to create new workflow.



Select the category where you need to list your new workflow and assign the user who has rights to access it and click finish.



Activate the workflow by changing the status to Active



Now click on the Form tab and create new Form and start creating fields to your form.



Below are the form fields i am going to use in this example



Once completed the form will look like this.




So far you have designed how the form, now let’s set the workflow to create the object in the eDirectory.

Select the  Entity from the Provisioning Palette as below (Note: This Entity is responsible for creating object in the eDirectory)





In the Start activity of the workflow select the Post Activity and click the Map All.



Now select the User Creation Entity Activity and select the Data Item Mapping and complete all the Data Item Mapping for your form fields.



Add the Entity dn as below  (This is the dn of the object)



Now you have successfully created the workflow to create a user object in eDirectory.

Click Ok and deploy the Workflow.   Then login to User Application URL and go to Work Dashboard — > Process Request –> All Process  and you should see your workflow.




Disclaimer: Content posted here worked for me and may not guarantee success, should be used as reference only and please use it cautiously.