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Next Value component in the Workflow – RSA IMG

NextValue Component In Aveksa

This post will show you how to perform the Looping using the Nextvalue components in the workflow

Let’s take an example that i need to iterate through the user list and perform some action for each user.

This is achieved through Nextvalue compoenent



Components used

SQL Node

                  Select user_id  as Source_UserID from pv_users where user_id=${access_request_mue_user_id}

The output is stored in the Job Variable : SOURCE_USERID

This job variable will store the array of value


                  This component returns the next value for the “Source Variable”. It reads the array value and returns true if value exists. If no vlaue is returned this node returns false.

            Source Variable : SOURCE_UserID

            Target Variable :  TEMP_UserID

     The target variable should be used for your actions

 Send Mail

  You can perform any action between these Nextvalue and Milestone component which will be iterated. I have used send mail for this post


   This components used make the milestone for first iteration and it is along with Nextvalue.




Disclaimer: Content posted here worked for me and may not guarantee success, should be used as reference only and please use it cautiously.