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RSA Aveksa Request Workflow

Request Workflow

In this Post i will give you idea of how to setup request workflow with approvals


In RSA IMG  (Aveksa) any request you make (Add/Change/Remove) will call a workflow which you can define under Request –> Workflow–> Request

Request Workflow Tab

The workflow you choose here will be called when you submit any type of Add/Change/Remove request under Requests tab

Request  tab –> Workflow –> Overview

Request that are explicitly created will be processed using < workflow>

Submit a request

Request Button


Under the request tab of the workflow you create the Master workflow which defines the approval and fulfillment flow.


You define the flow of your request as below.


This highlighted approval node will call  the approval and fulfillment workflow respectively.  The approval and fulfillment workflow are created under the approval and fulfillment tab of the workflow

Approval and Fulfillment tabs



The Master request workflow

Master Request Workflow


1. Manager approval node will call a workflow you defined in the Approval tab

2. Fulfillment phase node will call a workflow you defined in the Fulfillment tab

When you double click the manager approval node and click on Behavior tab. You select the Approval workflow you created in the Approval tab.

  As you see below screen shot there are different type of changes will be triggered and you need to select the one based on your use case


Supervisor Approval Workflow

This would be same for fulfillment node you need to double click and select the fulfillment workflow you created under the fulfillment tab.




Disclaimer: Content posted here worked for me and may not guarantee success, should be used as reference only and please use it cautiously.