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Siteminder High Availability

CA Siteminder High Availability

You can setup High Availability for different CA Siteminder components as shown below

Basically you can do this for the below

  1.      WebServer
  2.      Policy Server
  3.      Policy Store or User Store


Siteminder HA


1. Webserver

   First is Webserver is where you install the CA Siteminder Webagent. High Availability can be achieved by  setting up a Hardware or software load balancer  in front of  WebServers

    You can configure Load balancer to handle High availablility such as ( Failover  or Load balancing )

    In this way when Webserver 1  goes down the Load balancer will route the traffic to Webserver 2 where web agent will intercept the request

2. Policy Server Failover

      When Primary Policy Server is not responding then Webagent will failover to the next policy server in the list. This is configured in HCO “Host Configuration Object”

Check Enable Failover box

The configuration value section is where you mentions IP Address for Failover to happen




Clusters section is where you can set the Load balancing for Policy Server.

CA Siteminder r12.5 supports hardware loadbalancer from Agent to Policy Server by configuring the Virtual IP Address of Policy server. Then Hardware load balancer then dynamically distribute traffic to all policy servers associated with that Virtual IP Address

3. Policy Store & User store

You can configure High Availability for Policy Store and User Store using the following way.

Add the Primary Policy Store/User Store IP address “SPACE” Secondary and “SPACE” etc.. as show below to make it High available




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