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RSA Aveksa Backup Planning

Planning RSA Aveksa Backup

In Aveksa backup can be taken in different level and for different components


Fullbackup will take the current state of the aveksa environment.

acm stop
acm stopdb
acm startdb

run the backup/export script

/home/oracle/database/DBA/AVDB/scripts/ -t _backup_before_patch.


This will create the database dump in the following location


After backup its good to restart the database

acm stopdb
acm startdb

Then start the application

acm start


Metadata/Cofiguration backup

This will take all the configuration of Aveksa environment into XML formation. This is useful when migrating from one environment to another.


Select the required components to be export

Next-->Select the user reference-->Finish


 Workflow backup

Backup all your workflows  Request/Approval/Fullfillment and Custom workflows

Log in to the aveksa application

“Admin" tab --> “Import/Export” tab

Click the “Workflow” tab, click the “Export(all)” or exported the selected workflow and finish

Role Backup

Backup all your roles into XML file

Roles–>Actions–>Export Roles

select the roles –> Action->Export roles and finish


AFX backup

Backup your AFX connector

AFX tab-->export

select the connectors you want to export




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