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RSA Aveksa SOAP Webservice Node

RSA Aveksa supports to make SOAP Webservice call using 2 ways 

1. Using AFX SOAP Webservice Connector

2  Using SOAP Webservice Node within workflow

In this post we are gonna see how to configure the SOAP Webservice Node within the workflow to make simple webservice call and get the result.

SOAP Webservice node can be used in Request and Fulfillment phase.


General Tab

         Name the SOAP Webservice node.

Request Tab

   URL:     Provide the SOAP webservice URL

            Request:  input the SOAP Request in XML Format.

           You can use the JOB Variables inside the response.


  If the your system (Aveksa environment) is running behind the firewall give the proxy server address to communicate to webservice  (outside world)


         If Your webservice expects any parameter in order to process the webservice call provide the header information

eg: Conent-type

Available list of Header


                 If the Webservice is protected using Basic Authentication. Provide the username and password


           Click on “Proceed on Failure”  to complete the request in case of failure

          If the Response variable value is public then this Response value will be shown up in the request page.





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